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Guide To Getting Your Garden Ready For Spring

As the snow begins to disappear and the temperatures rise, it’s time to bring your garden out of hibernation and into spring. Flowers will bloom, lawns will look lush and green and we’ll all spend much more time outside and in our gardens.

That’s why it’s vital that you’re prepared and that your garden is ready for the coming seasons. Thankfully, here at M.J. Ryall, we’ve got all the building and landscaping supplies you could possibly need to transform your garden from a withered winter nightmare and into a spring paradise.

Revitalise Your Garden

In the winter months, a combination of relentless frosts and torrential downpours can leave your lawn looking a bit worse for wear – in which case, consider laying down new turf to completely transform your garden and give your lawn a fresh start. Be aware that laying new turf in spring means it will require more frequent watering than if laid in the autumn.

If you’re not looking to do something quite as drastic as laying new turf, but still want to revitalise your garden in the run-up to spring then consider re-bedding your plants in fresh, high-quality topsoil. Using good topsoil improves the overall quality of your garden and will help your flowers and plants flourish over the coming seasons.

Lay New Paving Or Patio Areas

As the weather warms up, we all start to move more outside. Whether it’s social events with some al fresco dining, or simply sitting outside and enjoying your garden, the combination of longer days and higher temperatures mean that we all need somewhere to enjoy the weather.

Either updating old and outdated paving or laying down a new paved area, is a brilliant way to add a feature to your garden that looks great and fits in with its appearance, as well as being hugely functional. It’ll open up your garden as a much more usable space, and it’ll become an extension of your house rather than just a patch of grass behind it.

Whatever you need to get your garden ready for spring this season, you’ll be sure to find it here at M.J. Ryall Building Supplies. Call us today on 01462 730 169 to enquire about our full range of landscaping, turf and paving supplies.