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5 Landscape Design Tips

With the hottest summer in over 40 years looking like it won’t be going away anytime soon, you may be planning some dramatic changes to your garden. There is no better time to grow your own vegetables and completely transform your garden into a naturistic safe haven. If you are looking for inspiration and advice before getting started, here are our top 5 landscape design tips:

Plan Before You Start Buying

Although this may sound like an obvious point, you’d be surprised as to how many people go overboard when it comes to shopping for landscaping materials. You should ensure that you’ve fully planned what you want your garden to look like and the materials that you will need to get it to that stage. Therefore, you won’t end up going over your budget and won’t end up with lots of unused materials that may possibly end up going to waste.

flowers in garden

Vibrant Colours

One of the simplest and most popular landscape design options is to incorporate is a vibrant and colourful array of flowers. Proven to be a simple, yet effective, method of sprucing up the appearance of your garden, planting flowers has been found to enhance your mood as well as benefiting the environment by purifying the airflow. You should start the process by using topsoil to ensure the plants will have a surface that is high in organic matter, therefore, making it very easy to fertilise the ground to stimulate plant growth.

stonework, topsoil and paving in garden

Use A Variety of Materials

Whether you wish to use topsoil or turf supplies for your landscaping project, you may also wish to add some fencing or brickwork, all of which have their own unique ways of adding a new lease of life to your garden. If you have a particularly small garden, you’ll be amazed at how the use of different landscaping materials can make your garden appear much more spacious. IdealHome have written an excellent article about how you can do this.

working in garden

Work In Phases

It’s very easy to get flustered when it comes to landscaping, especially if you are working by yourself on a particularly large project. Therefore, we would suggest dividing up all the work you have planned into phases. Fencing, gardening and brickwork are the main 3 phases that landscapers tend to focus on. You could, therefore, prioritise fencing supplies at first and then move onto the next phase of your landscaping project, essentially paying as you go, rather than spending your budget all at once.

Speak To Our Experts

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