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Timber & Building Supplies

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If you’re looking for Timber & Building Supplies in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas (including Stevenage, Bedford and Letchworth Garden City), then please call us on 01462 730 169 to find information on how we can help you.

Essential Tips For Installing New Fence Panels

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With temperatures soaring and summer well and truly out in full force, now’s the perfect time to get green fingered or DIY-savvy and tackle those garden and landscaping projects you’ve been putting off – whether it’s laying new turf, sprucing up your decking or adding new fence panels.

We’ve covered two of the three above in some of our previous articles but if you’re new to the world of fence panel installation, then you might need some guidance – and our latest post can help.

1. Choose Your Fence Post Material & Calculate Number Of Panels
Wooden, concrete and metal fence posts are all potential choices – all with their own benefits. Wooden posts are light, easy to handle and cost effective; concrete posts are strong and won’t rot, but require more groundwork; metal posts are reasonably strong, too, and are quick to put up.

To calculate the number of fence panels required, simply measure the length of the area, and divide it by the length of each panel. This will also give you the number of gravel boards you’ll need to place under each fence panel, to avoid rot.

2. Secure Fence Posts In Concrete
After clearing the area of any overgrowth (such as weeds and vines) you need to dig your fence post holes – these should be around 2ft deep (just over 600mm) and three times the width of the post itself (e.g. 12 inches wide for a 4 inch wide post).

After lifting the post into the hole, secure the base with stone hardcore – then fill the hole to just above ground level with freshly mixed concrete or a concrete mix and water. Use a trowel to level the surface and check that the post is straight using a spirit level. Leave for an hour to harden.

3. Fix Your Fence Panels In Place
Be sure to add specialist gravel boards along the bottom (or just a minimum 4 inch gap at the bottom) to avoid moisture and water causing the panel to rot. Lift the panel into place screw the fence panels to your posts using U-shaped post clips – but be sure to use stainless steel screws to prevent rusting.

If, however, you’re using concrete posts then these will likely have grooves in to allow you to simply slide the panel in place with no fixing necessary; the weight of the concrete posts will keep the panels in place.

If you’re looking to take advantage of the warmer weather this summer, and want to carry out those important garden renovations that you’ve been itching to do all year then we can help. Here at M.J. Ryall, we supply a wide range of landscaping, building and timber supplies in the Hitchin, Bedford and Letchworth Garden City areas.

Whether you need new fence panels, aggregates, topsoils, turf or even timber supplies to install some new decking, you’ll find everything you need at our store in Hitchin. Whether you want to pick the supplies up yourself, or have them delivered by our expert team, it’s completely up to you.

For more information on our products and supplies, simply call us today on 01462 730 169, get in touch using our website’s online contact form or pop in store to speak to a member of our team.

Top Tips To Install Decking This Summer

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If you are trying to create a new look for your garden this summer, then installing decking is definitely an option that is worth looking into. There are millions of homes up and down the country who have decking installed in their garden and the reason for this is that it allows you to create a peaceful space where you can relax with family and friends. Installing decking in your garden does not have to be difficult; here are a few tips that will help you get started. Continue reading →

Essential Tips For Laying Down Paving Like A Pro

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With the temperatures rising, and the sun well and truly out (with no sign of that pesky snow or ice returning now) now is the perfect time of year to complete those outdoor projects and make the most of your garden.

We’ve already covered how to paint your fence, and the best way to lay turf as well as some fantastic offers on our building materials for outdoor projects – next, we offer up some essential advice for laying new paving.

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Turf Laying Tips For A Perfect Lawn & New Special Offers For Your Spring Projects

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We’ve already talked about getting your garden ready for spring here at M.J. Ryall, and one landscaping project that this season is particularly great for is rejuvenating your lawn and laying down some new turf. By the time summer rolls around the weather rolls around is usually a bit too dry to really be laying new turf, so the milder spring climate (as well as early autumn) is the perfect time to do it.

We’ve got a great choice of turf and topsoil supplies at our store in Hitchin, letting you get a fresh new lawn for the warmer weather – but be sure you follow our tips, and ask for assistance when buying, to ensure you lay your new turf properly and effectively.

How To Lay Your New Turf

Preparing the ground is essential for ensuring your new turf looks even and will successfully root itself. Get rid of any stones, weeds and old grass before raking and walking over the soil to give it an even and level finish. Before you start laying down your turf you should always put down some granular fertiliser and water the ground too.

Then comes the process of laying your new turf – it’s fairly straightforward but it’s important not to rush it. Take the following steps when laying down each roll:

  • * Lay your first row slowly along a straight edge, ensuring it’s flat, level and firmly down.
  • * For each row after the first make sure you stagger the joins like brickwork, standing on planks to avoid damage to the previous row.
  • * Ensure each new row is butted up firmly and closely to the previous one to avoid gaps.
  • * Make sure the turf runs beyond the lawn area, and trim these edges with a half-moon edging tool.
  • vFinally, try and put extra watered soil under the edges of the turf to stop it drying out.
  • * After it’s been laid, try not to walk on the turf for a couple of weeks to allow it get rooted into the soil, and water it frequently to stop drying out and stimulate growth.


Spring Offers & Discounts From M.J. Ryall

As well as our expert advice and a great supply of materials and tools, we also pride ourselves on being able to offer you great value for money. Here at M.J. Ryall, we’ve launched a number of great spring special offers (available for a limited time) to help you get more bang for your buck when carrying out your building, landscaping projects including:

  • * Bradstone range paving: Available in three colours and two standard sizes from just £10.95 per square metre, excluding VAT.
  • * Or if you’re after something a little more traditional and authentic, we have paving from Castcrete Rutland available in three colours and four standard sizes from just £16.99 per square metre, excluding VAT.

We also stock a wide range of decorative aggregates to help top of your new garden renovation projects perfectly – our full selection is available to view in store, so you can find the right style and designs for your garden.

For more information on our landscaping, gardening and general DIY supplies visit our store in Hitchin or call us on 01462 730 169 for advice and info. We’re open seven days a week and offer free delivery within the local area, letting you get your spring garden projects up and running in time to make the most of the warm weather.

Your Guide To Getting Your Garden Ready For Spring

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As the snow begins to disappear and the temperatures rise, it’s time to bring your garden out of hibernation and into spring. Flowers will bloom, lawns will look lush and green and we’ll all spend much more time outside and in our gardens.

That’s why it’s vital that you’re prepared and that your garden is ready for the coming seasons. Thankfully, here at M.J. Ryall, we’ve got all the building and landscaping supplies you could possibly need to transform your garden from a withered winter nightmare and into a spring paradise.

Revitalise Your Garden

In the winter months a combination of relentless frosts and torrential downpours can leave your lawn looking a bit worse for wear – in which case, consider laying down new turf to completely transform your garden and give your lawn a fresh start. Be aware that laying new turf in spring means it will require more frequent watering than if laid in the autumn.

If you’re not looking to do something quite as drastic as laying new turf, but still want to revitalise your garden in the run up to spring then consider re-bedding your plants in a fresh, high-quality top soil. Using a good top soil improves the overall quality of your garden and will help your flowers and plants flourish over the coming seasons.

Lay New Paving Or Patio Areas

As the weather warms up, we all start to move more outside. Whether it’s social events with some al fresco dining, or simply sitting outside and enjoying your garden, the combination of longer days and higher temperatures mean that we all need somewhere to enjoy the weather.

Either updating old and outdated paving, or laying down a new paved area, is a brilliant way to add a feature to your garden that looks great and fits in with its appearance, as well as being hugely functional. It’ll open up your garden as a much more usable space, and it’ll become an extension of your house rather than just a patch of grass behind it.

Whatever you need to get your garden ready for spring this season, you’ll be sure to find it here at M.J. Ryall Building Supplies. Call us today on 01462 730 169 to enquire about our full range of landscaping, turf and paving supplies.

Top Tips For Painting Your Fence Like A Pro

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Painting your fence, whether it’s brand new or giving old fences a new lease of life, can easily seem like a daunting task – especially if you have no idea what you need, where to start and what to do.

But these essential tips will have you brightening up your garden in next to no time!

Prepare Your Fence

Preparation is absolutely vital with any DIY project and painting or staining your wood fence is definitely no exception. It might end up being the most time consuming portion of the job, but it’s paramount to getting a clean finish that will look good, last longer and protect your fence panels.

Start by clearing away any weeds and trimming back bushes and vines so that nothing is obscuring the panels. Then, give your fence a good wash down with warm soapy water and a scrub brush to remove any dirt. Finally, you’ll need to use a scraper to get rid of any old loose paint and sand down any raised paint edges before applying a coat of primer to make painting easier.

Start Painting

Now the hard work of preparation is out of the way, you should be able to glide through the painting of your fence with ease. Make sure you use a pain designed for exterior use – you can find a great range of suitable paints in store at M.J. Ryall. Before starting, cover any plants and paving slabs on the ground, as well as taping over hinges and locks to avoid any staining.

Start by painting in any small cracks and grooves with a paint brush, before moving onto the main area of your panels with a paint roller. You can also use a paint sprayer for the larger sections – while more expensive, airless models do give you less overspray and more control.

When you’re done, dispose of your used roller sleeves, clean the frame and the pan, and step back and admire your hard work!

If you’re looking to freshen up your garden’s appearance and, quite literally, give it a new coat of paint then you’ll find absolutely everything you need here at M.J. Ryall – even if you need all new fencing! Call us today on 01462 730 1669 to discuss your needs or head over to our contact page for our address and visit us in store.

Why Choose M.J. Ryall For Your Building Supplies?

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Here at M.J. Ryall, we’ve been an established supplier of building, landscaping and home DIY materials and tools since 1978. Serving the Bedfordshire and Herefordshire areas with a vast array of supplies, we have built up over 30 years’ of experience during our time trading that we can pass onto our customers with expert help and advice.

But with so many suppliers of material and tools available, just why should you choose our expert services at M.J. Ryall?

Wide Range Of Building & Landscaping Supplies

Whatever it is that you need to get the job done, we’ve got it – it’s as simple as that. From the small essentials such as hand tools, safety gear, nuts and screws to large supplies of aggregates, timber and bricks, as well as everything in between, you can be sure that you’ll leave our store ready to tackle and small DIY job or large building project.

Free Local Deliveries

We understand that it can be both difficult and time consuming to come and collect supplies, particularly if a job is in urgent need of being completed and you can’t get away or it would require multiple trips in your car to collect large loads.

That’s why, for appropriate goods, we offer free same-day and next-day deliveries if you’re in the local area. We have a comprehensive fleet of vehicles to deliver your supplies, including trucks, tippers and cranes.

So whatever your next building job or home DIY project may entail, you can count on us to provide you with everything you need – from materials to time-saving deliveries, as well as expert advice to guide you to success. We’re open seven days a week so call us today on 01462 760 169 or check out our contact page and visit us in store.

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